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The Creative Minds

Schoolchildren and teacher studying in school library

Kmar Educational Services, Inc. is launching a 90 day program for 5th grade students “The Creative Minds” at the Longfellow Elementary School in Bridgeport, CT on May 4th, 2010.

The program is designed to help and built the students Improvisation Skills verbal and physical expression, spontaneity and creativity. Through real task assignments and team building, the students will learn to work together through story building and have to be very quick on their feet through Perception, Vision and Imagination.

The students will gain awareness of their own mental flexibility, interests and passion, and it is a Fun Project, not a CHORE…… Thru Personal Validation we earn CONFIDENCE

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Here are a some Students Testimonials:

What I learned with Creative Minds two weeks ago, we had to write a report on vacation to any place in the world and my group “BLUE Point” chose California and that’s pretty much it…. Gooed Soto

I learned to always have a Back-Up plan and to stay organized in problems. Learned to work with others. Thank you, Dymone Scott

What I learned with this program is speaking out loud and communicating with each other, and not to be afraid of talking to a person and scared to ask questions. The main thing is not to be afraid to do anything and to speak out loud!!!! Kenyon Porter

I learned in Creative Minds, Mrs. Kammerer tought us how to: REPORT, have FUN, Relationships and more. Mrs. Kammerer taught us something we can use in our lives. So this is the end. I had been taught a lot, so I had a fun time and this is it….Time for 6th grade!Davon Stovall



Conscious Living 2013

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On March 23, 2013 Kmar Educational Services presented a day of reflections, healing, changes and transformations at the Wilton Sport & Fitness Center, Wilton, CT. To see highlights from the day’s events, please click on the video below.