Conscious Living S E L Movement 2018

The Conscious Living S E L MOVEMENT 2018

When: Saturday, May 19th, 2018
Time: 1PM – 4PM
Where: Gallery of Kitchens Theater , Westport, CT
Why: To Stop INCIVILITY @ HOME, SCHOOL, The Workplace
Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Christopher KUKK www.chriskukk.com
Tickets: $ 20 PP pre-paid to KES, Inc. via Paypal -Please buy your ticket now.
$ 25 @ the door. Sorry, we are limited with space!
Refreshments served!

“The Art + Benefit of Exploring Social Emotional Learning”
– adults-parents-youth-kids-grandparents-teachers-early childhood teachers-business owners – managers-coaches-

Incivility @ School

– 160,000 children miss school each day for fear of bullying in the US
– 1 in 10 drops out of school because of bullying
– The teachers must be educated and learn SEL to be able to recognize behavior and the various ways students are learning, absorbing, retaining information – visual/audio
– Providing a safe and caring environment for the students, to be acknowledged by teachers and peers for his/her contribution. Only a safe, respectful environment is conducive to creative and mental contribution.
– A safe school environment with zero bullying tolerance!

Incivility @ The Workplace

– 1/3 of Americans have experienced incivility at work and 26% have quit their jobs because of it.
– Toxic work environment with zero involvement from HR or business owner, manager, etc. is a daily thing – It is not talked about nor is it addressed.
– Being sabotaged and bullied by co-workers.
– People have tremendous fear and anxiety going to work, like going onto a battle field daily.
– It is destructive, non productive, causing health problems and its costing businesses 300 billion a year.

Incivility @ Small Businesses ( Lack of Awareness of Owners)

– Owners incapable of connecting with employees and customers.
– Handling of customers and employees are destructive to its business.
– Owner is operating on ‘Self-Sabotage’ and will never see fault within self.
– This means Death of business.

Incivility @ HOME or Family Unit

– Abusive behavior within the unit is carried over to : Kindergarten, school and the work place.
– Teachers must help and identify this behavior for immediate actions.
– The abusive behavior is carried over to the work place and has a direct affect on the business environment, its customers and productivity. HR, managers, business owners to be trained accordingly.

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