Make Your KID Great !



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What you can expect at the scheduled presentations below is a Round Table Discussion with vetted professionals from the coaching, educational and health arena. We are all professionals, parents and grandparents as well,  who are passionate about making a difference and give of our expertise. We welcome you to share your thoughts and stories with us on air. For Reservations please call 203.505.3660


There is GREATNESS in all of us!

Greatness in a CHILD or TEEN has to be discovered, cultivated, nurtured and educated. Parents have to be aware and conscious about this, and be open-minded about bringing in vetted professionals to help in this process.

Raising children and teens is a very tough JOB, and parents can’t do it all. Outside ‘Voices’ that connect with the child/teen is so important.


MAKE Your Kid Great – Radio Segment in LifeTalk with Mariette.  Please tune in Sunday’s 7-8 PM to listen to vetted Professionals


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