The SFN Group – Speakers Forum Networking Group


Monthly Dates: July 10, August 14th, September 18th, 2017
October – December 2017 to be announced!


The SFN Group, sponsored by KES, Inc., believes in personal growth and development, investment of time & money in oneself, to be “The Best” one can be in this lifetime. Investing time & money, learning about self and be with like-minded, supportive individuals in a group-setting. Individuals come from all walks of life, business owners, employees and managers.

Our focus is on: “Empowering vs. Disempowering Thoughts” Inner Dialog & Outside Communication Hands-On Programs with Coach Mariette Kammerer and “Create An Incredible Life” with Coach Noreen Ehrlich.

Be motivated and gain confidence….now…in your ability to create & present your life story to your future employer, your next customers, corporate presentations or finding the “new” partner-approach-talk. Join and invest time in yourself and a like-minded, supportive group to become= THE Magnet!

Monthly Meeting starting:
Date: Monday, July 10th, 2017
Where: Norwalk Public Library, Belden Avenue, Norwalk, CT
Time: 7-8PM
Donation: $ 15 Prepaid to http://kmareducation.org/pay-here/
This is a safe site to pay with your Credit Card.

Reservations: 203.505.3660

Refreshments served.

What Are Your Benefits?

– How To get rid of Limiting Self-Beliefs through Energy Psychology Techniques.
– How To Network and connect with others for business
– How To present your LifeStory in a relaxed way.
– How To communicate with others in an organic setting.
– How To apply & be motivated by what you learned into your daily life.

Take-Away= Confidence, Know-how, Motivated, Direction, Healthy Belief System.

Folks, mark the date!

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