Visionary Artist Joseph Malfettone

I am delighted to present to you an artist of truly great caliber. It is not everyday that you find something that inspires you outside of the daily routine, and that is exactly what drove Joseph Malfettone to create his latest series, The Transfiguration. He has found a way to create inspiring, mature work using some of our latest technologies and traditional means through painting and sculpture.

His works use common language, scientific references and a robust classical approach as a way to reveal a renaissance in human awareness. Works of The Transfiguration feature opposing elements throughout history, geography, cosmology and human physiology as a way to inspire an adventurous collaboration with history and a healthy distance from the past.

View some of his “psychological landscapes” below, which blend well-known historical works with NASA images in space and you’ll get a sense of the reach of these works!  Each painting is to be made at five feet tall!

He is currently having a solo show at Chilton & Chadwick in Greenwich, Connecticut until June 15th. The show features works from 2012-2014 alongside some of the first proofs and Spectrum paintings from the new series. It is a great chance to see the workings of a vast artist and get a sense of what’s in the making.

Opportunities to work with Joseph are currently available during the production of the series. Select sculptures from the collection are now available by order.

Viewings of Joseph’s solo show are by appointment only. Please reach out to to view.

Click for more on the series or read his artist statement.

I would like my work to reveal that there is more to life itself. A revelation beyond anything social, into something very fundamental, even archaic – yet still timeless. Timelessness in a piece is a sign of hitting the mark. Of touching upon something that each of us knows innately. Something that belongs beyond the physics of time, yet, because the viewer can detect it, they can know it belongs within time as well…
Read more of his artist statement