Mental Safety Awareness And Training

” RUN  HIDE  FIGHT” Unfreeze, you may have seconds to save your own life and that of a loved one.

KES, Inc in conjunction with Lt. Jim Perez has developed workshops for private citizens, the workplace, schools + universities, town governments.

Training our own minds is of importance in preparedness for threats in public or in the workforce.

Upcoming workshops, costs and locations will be announced soon.



We  offers private, personalized programs to individuals in the workforce for career advancement, managerial positions, customer service, marketing and client development.

Expanding communication skills, mental training, time management, sharpening life skills are essential.


” If you are a student still figuring out what your ‘Life Path’ should or could look like, or are gainfully employed already, you need to have more than basic skills to be a ‘A Person Of Interest’ to any company” says Mariette Kammerer.



Our programs are individually tailored to gain or enhance personal skills that are essential and required  in order to be or stay gainfully employed, as example:

  • Entrepreneurial Thinking is now more than ever before a requirement of an employee
  • Superior listening skills
  • Consistency     –       Consistent  Flexibility
  • Communication  – The list goes on
  • Problem Solving Thinking


“We work with our clients to develop their weakest and strongest points in the shortest period of time. Most of the time it is the individuals  ‘mind-set’, some misinformation or additional education, or lack focus or experience. Now, our work begins.”


Children, Students and everyone who are working towards gainful employment have to have essentional skills in order to have a chance,  such as :

business skills – marketing- research – problem solving- time management-technical skills -listening skills -focus skills

We design “real world skills” in your area of interest. Parents, Grandparents please invest in yourself and in your Children. When you give Children ‘real-life-learning opportunities’, they are building an archive of experiences. 


“No businesses can afford to loose clients because of “Bad Employee Behavior”

” Cold Call-Skills” are a critical part of Sales + Marketing. Be that person who can master this skill and you are your ‘own’ ASSET.”


The Entrepreneur


We as ‘Architects’ take case by case and evaluate if their is a mutual fit.

Client Development + Implementation is one of our biggest FOCUS .

 We specialize in the Intangible/Service Arena and welcome a consultation with our Clients first, prior to making any commitments.