What do we offer?

 Our expertise, knowledge, creativity,  wisdom and passion, to put you on your path to success.



We know, that everyone has very special talents. We have met and worked with incredible creative, smart individuals who are now on their way to success.

More and more people are seeking fulfillment, recognition and desire to do what they love doing. Over the past 20 years, we have worked with businesses and individuals who were in need of : clarity, direction, new skills , guidance and a plan, that will absolutely work. Again, if you stick with what was designed and implemented especially for you and your business.

Do you know why so many people fail in business ? Here are some major reasons: it is not about them, it is about the customer, lack of care for customers, offering below average services or products, arrogance, ignorance, apathy, no listening skills, and overall, a very negative attitude. A problem with changes in general.

When things don’t work right away for them, they fall apart.

We are your TEACHER – We are your MENTOR – We are your MOTIVATOR for:


  •  Individuals – Changing into new positions, new jobs. New directions, new skills. We help you built your co
  • courage and motivation to get to the next level. Initial Consultation of 90 min – Fee applies
  • Businesses – Starting, expanding, or reset – A person, who has been working as an employee of a company has no idea, what it is like to be the ‘new’ business owner. Having a good product, a unique selling point,  or offering superior services. At the same time, caring for the customer. Personal attitude, mind-set gets in the way and is so transparent, that one better has a true intent to make the customer ‘happy’, otherwise nobody will return after the first visit.
  • After our initial Consultation of 90 min – Fee applies
  • We look at developing USP ( unique selling point for your company)
  • Branding
  • Client Development
  • Marketing you and your services or products
  • Direction and income streams
  • Web Site Creation
  • Advertising

Business Expansion and Business RESET – Please contact us: 203.505.3660


Every business has specific needs. We tailor according to business and industry.

  • After our initial Consultation of 90 min – Fee applies
  • New planning + new direction
  • Client Development
  • Creation + implementation of new markets
  • New income streams
  • Customer care solutions and retention
  • Employee training + motivation

When things just don’t work anymore like they used to, its time to do something new. Give the business a new ‘face-lift and start going with the times. If you can’t change, its best to consider other options.


Individuals – Please contact us: 203.505.3660


  • Individuals – changing into another work profession need to learn new skills. Priority is: being able to communicate, being able to present yourself and your ideas to get the position , or the JOB. We offer a personalized training program.
  • Individuals – becoming entrepreneurs need a new ‘thinking hat’, direction and learn how to execute. We offer a personalized training program.



  • High School Students – kids are great and creative. Building confidence and self esteem are the basis going forward and being successful in life. We offer personalized programs for schools, private schools and individual students.
  • College Students – Learning by doing. That is the best approach. Work with us on various projects to gain experience. We offer opportunities! Please ask us about it.



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