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A Priceless Community Asset
Steven Korosh, Stratford, CT

I feel priviledged to say I have known Mariette Kammerer since 2005, having met her and done volunteer work with her on Public Access television at Soundview Community Broadcasting in Bridgeport, Ct.
Mariette was particularly generous in volunteering her time and creative resources to this community service. I served as Producer and Technical Manager on a series of unique television programs Mariette filmed and broadcast between 2005-2007 on topics concerning health, wellness, and personal growth.

More specifically, this programming included this small sampling:

– Author Lee Stringer, whom Mrs. Kammerer had originally met in Germany, discussing his book
Grand Central Winter, relating his personal experiences with drug addiction and homelessness;
– Many shows hosted by local area doctors and chefs offering valuable dietary advice for patients dealing with diabetes, celiac disease, obesity, food allergies, hypertension and heart disease, and glycemic index imbalances, among other conditions;
– Winter Coat Drive and Food Drive for those in need in our communities;
– Disaster relief for Bridgeport fire victims, where Mariette’s leadership made a huge difference in the immediate aftermath of this tragedy;
– Expert hosts with advice for healthy lifestyles;
– Adventurer and author George Brunstad speaking on personal growth related to his swim of the English Channel at age 72.

In both my professional and personal experiences with her, I have always known Mariette to be professional, responsible, compassionate, reliable, and trustworthy, as well as a friend and asset to the local community.

Ron Capasso says:

Working with Mariette and Frank was a pleasure for me.  At  first when they asked me to help I was hesistant because I do not feel comfortable in front of a camera.

Mariette and Frank had me laughing and relaxing. I couldn’t believe when it was over because they took away all my fears.

Mariette and Frank are very sincere about helping people that have had setbacks in life. If they ever need my help in the future, I would be more than happy to do it again!”

– Ron Capasso

Owner-Bob`s GMC of Milford

Frank Grazynski says – “It was such a pleasure to work with you on a television segment in 2009.”
– Frank Grazynski – Eco Specialist


Dear Mariette:

It was such a pleasure to work with you on a television segment in 2009. I was honored and thrilled to be interviewed about my passion, the environment. You made my “television debut” a painless one through your professional and friendly approach.

From our initial planning meetings to the actual filming process, I found your knowledge of both the television industry and interviewing skills to be very extensive. What also impressed me was your knowledge of the topics we ended up talking about. Whether we talked about compact fluorescent bulbs or organic gardening, your interviewing skills were perfect. In addition, your understanding and vision of what “works” is to be commended.

I wish you the best of luck in all your projects. I look forward to working with you on future collaborations.

The message of environmentalism is a very important one that must be heard by everyone. You are making that possible.

Keeping green,

– Frank Grazynski