The Meatball Club

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” We have HOMEMADE Meatballs……yes, we do!”   Now they do!        Please meet our Honorary Meatball JUDGES: Jeff & Jim Thiel from Eagle Rock, Ca., owners of  CAPRI Restaurant, featured on Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Gordon Ramsay.


I would like to introduce to you the two owners of  CAPRI Restaurant in Eagle Rock, Ca., Jeff and Jim Thiel .
Jeff and Jim will be on ‘Lifechanges with Mariette’ Radio Program May 18th, 2015 9 -10 PM Eastern Time, to discuss their life story and changes they had to conquer. Please tune into:


What a tremendous gift Jeff and Jim  received from an incredible mentor, Chef Gordon Ramsay.


 What had inspired me a while back, watching the CAPRI Restaurant Kitchen Nightmare episode , that both owners were clueless , very humble and were looking for help and direction for their business.
Clueless, to produce fresh foods in general, how to run a restaurant and how to manage their own time, till Chef Ramsay came along.


The Capri Restaurant not offering homemade, fresh Meatballs to their customers, became a big issue for Chef Ramsay.

Not knowing how to produce  homemade, fresh meatballs  was not acceptable to Chef Ramsay. So they learned……What do you offer now Jeff ?  ” WE HAVE HOMEMADE Meatballs…..  WE HAVE HOMEMADE Meatballs.” I enjoyed watching the excitement and the shout-outs by Jeff outside the restaurant, and found this a true inspiring moment.


I am certain, that they are the best Meatballs around, since it is Chef Ramsay’s recipe. What touched me the most was to see, that everyone needs help. Business owners , individuals,   and I saw Jeff and Jim’s sincere willingness to take Chef Ramsay’s advise and follow it precisely. I also saw, how Chef Ramsay built  Jeff and Jim’s confidence level , the encouragement of yes, you can do it…..but they had to be willing to make changes, and they did.

A lot of other businesses show arrogance and that of course is the beginning of the end.

I know, Jeff and Jim’s story will inspire many people and we can all learn from it. Never give up, ask for help and you get it. Make the Customer your # 1.

If you like to be part of our Meatball Club, please contact Mariette  203.505.3660

The Meatball Club purpose is to enhance and advocate personal and business growth : Life skills, support, re-invention, educate business owners regardless of which industries, the struggles, concerns and customer issues are similar. Individuals who struggle with changes and wanting to go forward in life. Our  message is: HANG IN THERE….DON’T give up…..HELP is on the way.



    The key is: You have to know who to ask for help, how to ask and when to ask. So, it’s not just about Meatballs ….you get  skills for life here , but you have to move and shake it.


By the way, how are your Meatball skills? We like to know about it. Write to us and let us know: no matter where you are. We accept global Meatball Lover’s ideas, input, etc.  Let’s do this….let’s stand up for Meatballs.


Meatball President –

P.S. This is so much Fun….I love it. We all need to play with our inner child! Come join us.