Who We Are

Mariette Kammerer, Director – KES, Inc.

A passionate participant of the ‘cycle and circle’ of life experiences and challenges. Intuitive Life, Business + Reinvention Coach, Reiki Practitioner and avid “student” of Energy Psychology Techniques, freeing people of limiting self-beliefs. A teacher of personal growth and development, a visionary of  skills and talents, an architect of  mind, direction , travel and arrival.

What Skills Does Mariette have?

Mental Strategist – Superior Building and Implementation Skills – Visionary – Creative – Motivational – Experienced – Accomplished – Smart – Speedy-Focused – Accurate – High Industry Knowledge – Highly Intuitive – Emotional Intelligence – Problem Solver Mind – Problem Solver – Business + Personal Lifeskill Coach – Reinvention Specialist – Good Communicator – Mastered Client Development + Implementation for Service Industry – Life Experienced –

What Are Mariette’s Credentials?

35 years Entrepreneur/Business Owner/Self Employed

Business Coach

LifeSkill Coach

Television Producer

Radio Producer + Host of LifeTalk

Former Finance Broker of 18 years /Domestic and Overseas

Corporate Finance/Employee

Associate Degree in Accounting

Bilingual: English and German

Mariette’s Attitude:

“There is nothing that can’t be done or created and I have the accomplishments to prove it. I specialize in Intangible and Tangible Services.”

Inside View…..It is critical prior to going on AIR, things can always go wrong!

Mariette Kammerer – Creator + Producer of LifeTalk. Moments before going on air are always critical. Last minute check , all segments, guests are all miked-up, in their seats. Last checking with engineer on timelog, commercials, breakes and guests joing us on phone in various segments. Are all mikes working?  Prior to going on air I spend a good hour with my guests in the ‘Green Room’ ( it’s not green) going over everything that we are presenting,  absolutely ‘no surprises’ or leave ‘anything’ out. Guest joining us from afar are on stand-by, etc.  This is a production and would not be suitable for a disorganized person.

It takes smarts, research, preparation and focus to create a program and everything else that goes with it and in to it and then, to present it…..to a live audience.  I love this , and get excited everytime I hear the opening-music of Lifetalk. I feel very proud every time and a great feeling of accomplishment. My guests feel my passion , my confidence and therefore, they feel  calm and totally comfortable being guided through the program and just know, I am there for them mentally, to pick up…..at any given moment, because I am researched and totally know about their content talk/presentation. So needless to say, I learned alot about  alot of subjects. This is a ” LIFE University -Platform” for my audience, guests, participants, and myself.


LifeTalk Contributor Jesse Meester program: ‘Relationships’

Jesse is an accomplished Entrepreneur in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Body-Mind- Psychology, award-winning Fitness Company:  www.meesterpt.com
  • A Career in Acting + Modeling
  • “Before The 90 Days” – TLC Television

Welcome to LifeTalk with Mariette!

My granddaughter Sophie Malin with Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal @ a book-signing event in Newtown, CT. in July 2018

LifeTalk Teen Contributor Sophie Malin talents were ‘born’ at age 4….or

earlier, and over the years developed into total confidence. Public Speaking, Radio + TV Moderator and Collaborative Learning Assistant to KES, Inc.

‘How To Talk To Teens’ – Contributor on LifeTalk / WICC600 AM

LifeTalk Contributor  Image Consultant Norma Giannattasio

Owner of Visions Salon, Milford, CT  – Special Events, Image Consultation + Hair Styling.

Welcome Norma!

LifeTalk Contributor – Warren Honeycutt is a national Radio Health + Fitness Contributor .

Warren appears on a regular basis on Fox News Radio, New York, ESPN 93.5, 600 WREC iheart. He has appeared on ABC and NBC television, writer for health magazines and he authered “How The Health Are You”

Warren lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his family.

Welcome Warren to Connecticut!

LifeTalk Contributor Wolf Leichsenring –  Hamburg, Germany is a

Travel Journalist  –    https://ga-wo.leichsenring.net/reisen

Author of : Neuseeland – Die Suche nach dem Paradise

Australien – Obenauf In Down Under

Schleswig Holstein – Westkueste/Ostseekueste

Wolf’s diversified academic background (former teacher) and after retirement (no retirement)  is touring the world with + in his RV, writing + publishing books, giving speaking engagements and presentations. Wolf is communicates in several languages english, german, russian and is also an engaged Opera Singer.

Welcome to LifeTalk!

‘The Boomers + Boomer Wannabes’

A KES, Inc. series programms on Radio LifeTalk and on varies locations in Connecticut:

Probate Judge Kurt M. Ahlberg specializing in Wills and Probate, Conservatorship, Elder Law, Real Estate, Small Business, Social Security Disability, Civil and Injury Litigation.  Welcome Judge Ahlberg!

Welcome ! LifeTalk Contributor

Christa Santangelo. PHD

Author of ‘A New Theory Of Teenagers: Seven Transformational Strategies to Empower you and your teen.