Who We Are

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Mariette Kammerer, Director – KES, Inc.

A passionate “participant” of life experiences and challenges. Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner and avid “student’ of Energy Psychology Techniques, freeing people of limiting self-beliefs.



Who WE Are?


We are and become your: Mentor, Pathfinder, Coach, y o u r ” Making It Possible” for what you want to accomplish and who you should become, earning: The Believe In Your Own Capabilities. As Entrepreneur or Employee, taking it to the next level.

This journey , depends on you and it always starts with a Consultation – getting to know one another. We consult with existing business owners , entrepreneurs and individuals, who are taking their skill set to the next level.


What Skills Do We Have?

Intuitive Life and Business Coach – Mental Strategist – Superior Building and Implementing Skills – Visionary – Creative – Motivational – Experienced – Smart – Speedy – Focused – Accurate –


Our Attitude: There is nothing that can’t be done or created.

We specialize in: Intangible and Tangible Projects


What Are Our Credentials?


– 35 years + Self-Employed/Business Owner

– Helping other business expand and grow to the next level in: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Employee Training, Communication.

– High level of Intuitive Business Sense

– High level of Industry Knowledge

– Superior intuitive people skills

– TV Producer

– Radio Broadcaster

– Finance Broker/ 24 years/International Work Experience

– Corporate Finance/ 14 years/Employee

– Bilingual /German

with International Work Experience in Insurance, Investments and Mortgages.


Why Do We Do What We Do?

  • We are very good at what we do – WE LOVE IT
  • We believe everyone should ┬áhave a chance in getting ahead in life
  • We focus on businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who value our know-how and services.


lifechanges to life talk


LifeTalk Teen Contributor Sophie Malin talents were ‘born’ at age 4….or

earlier, and over the years developed into total confidence. Public Speaking, Radio + TV Moderator and Collaborative Learning Assistant to KES, Inc.

‘How To Talk To Teens’ – Contributor on LifeTalk / WICC600 AM




LifeTalk Contributor Christopher Hunter

President and CEO of Impact Communication, LLC, Houston, Texas

A 7 National Championship Winner in Forensic Competition

A Co-Instructor of ‘Effective Public Speak’ and ‘Public Speaking Lab’ at Rice University’s Glasscock School of Continuing Studies(he started there at age 16)

Welcome on board Christopher!