Who We Are

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Mariette Kammerer, Director – KES, Inc.

A passionate “participant” of life experiences and challenges. Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner and avid “student’ of Energy Psychology Techniques, freeing people of limiting self-beliefs.



Who WE Are?


We are and become your: Mentor, Pathfinder, Coach, y o u r ” Making It Possible” for what you want to accomplish and who you should become, earning: The Believe In Your Own Capabilities. As Entrepreneur or Employee, taking it to the next level.

This journey , depends on you and it always starts with a Consultation – getting to know one another. We consult with existing business owners , entrepreneurs and individuals, who are taking their skill set to the next level.


What Skills Do We Have?

Intuitive Life and Business Coach – Mental Strategist – Superior Building and Implementing Skills – Visionary – Creative – Motivational – Experienced – Smart – Speedy – Focused – Accurate –


Our Attitude: There is nothing that can’t be done or created.

We specialize in: Intangible and Tangible Projects


What Are Our Credentials?


– 35 years + Self-Employed/Business Owner

– Helping other business expand and grow to the next level in: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Employee Training, Communication.

– High level of Intuitive Business Sense

– High level of Industry Knowledge

– Superior intuitive people skills

– TV Producer

– Radio Broadcaster

– Finance Broker/ 24 years/International Work Experience

– Corporate Finance/ 14 years/Employee

– Bilingual /German

with International Work Experience in Insurance, Investments and Mortgages.


Why Do We Do What We Do?

  • We are very good at what we do – WE LOVE IT
  • We believe everyone should  have a chance in getting ahead in life
  • We focus on businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who value our know-how and services.


lifechanges to life talk


LifeTalk Contributor  Jim Alfieri  – President Fairfield Public Speaker Club. Past Sales Executive of 30 years with The Economist and LA Times.

Jim believes that anyone, if they really want something….can achieve. Just do it.




Noreen Ehrlich – Personal Love + Life Coach

Co-Host on LifeTalk with Mariette

Contributor on LifeTalk with Mariette ” Create An Incredible Life”

Noreen is a CPA in New York and a former CFO Real Estate Private Equity Industry. Noreen has worked in Japan, India and the Middle East.