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We have constant changing times and one should not feel to secure in the ‘saddle’, just because one is employed at this moment. That can change by tomorrow and trust me, one will not be given two weeks notice when the walking papers are handed out.

In our  30 hour Job Preparation Program we carefully avaluate your present skills and also focus on the most essential skills such as:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication
  • How To Market Self
  • Industry Knowledge/Potential Employers
  • Time Management
  • Research

A person can have the highest credentials, but if the ‘practical application’ of self is missing, one will not have a chance. We work with you and give the tools you need in order to be successful finding the career you would love.


Program Length: 30 hrs. +

Reinvention is a process in it self, so give yourself some time to understand why there was a change within the company, why positions were eliminated, why you were not considered for the position. Whatever the circumstance were, it will take just a little time to digest everything.

It will speed up matters if you talk to a professional person who has gone through the Reinvention Process and can bring clarity to the situation and can also help with a new career. Preparation is a key element, shelving some of the skills + talents and adding new elements to it. Every client is different and has different interest and needs.

For clients going into the self-employed arena we design and recommend very strongly to start:

  • Mastering Client Development + Implementation
  • Creativity
  • Vision
  • Communication
  • Marketing Skills
  • Personal Skills

This program is offered by individual design and we’ll assist you with on the job training, your business development. For individuals going back out in the work force as employee, we recommend a ‘Fast Course’ covering personal skills + talents ‘brush-up’.


Program Length: 45 hrs. +

Teaching children, students, youth LIFE SKILLS is the most important educations on their path. To many adults are lacking basic skills such as: common sense, tenacity, flexibility, imagination, vision, perception, time management, planning, initiative, and are afraid of rejection.

Our young generation is great, full of talent and skills at a very young age and it is a must to guide these interests and talents.

We offer individualized sessions for students to built inner tools and give them real assignments, whereby the so necessary tools are being built and results are visable very quickly.

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