PUTTING YOUR PASSION, Talents + Skills TO WORK= I N C O M E ! Beliefs about: WORK, Love, Relationships, Money....Conquering FEAR! We will guide you through all AREAS of Impovements! FRIENDS HELPING F R I E N D S  - Fundraiser 2 0 1 7 THE SNF Group (Speakers Forum Networking) gain Confidence in presenting Your LifeStory on your next Job Interview       We carry the finest, handmade goats-milk soaps with shea butter and honey . Fundraisers, Favors, Special Gifts for the One you love!

KMAR Educational Services


Our focus is on the Banking, Insurance, Investment, Mortgage, Medical, Retail and Entrepreneurial Service Arena.


KES Inc. mission and goal is to help clients discover or expand their own oft hidden talents and misspend energies, re-channeling them into appropriate direction for new opportunities, careers and endeavors.

Client consultation finding direction, personal guidance and coaching to tap into their greatest possible potential and putting it to work, so they can achieve a new or greater level of success that they never imagined.

This path is often challenged by self-sabotage and limiting self-beliefs and no one is exempt. By addressing these challenges head-on, clients can reach their goals and live a more rewarding and successful life.

Our ideal clients are individuals who understand that this is a serious process of commitment on their part, ready to take action now, to make changes to their lives and are grateful to experience this gift of change.

Hours of Operation:

Mon - 11AM - 7PM Tue - 11AM - 7PM Wed - 1PM - 8PM Thur - 10AM - 4PM Fri - 9 AM - 3PM Sat - By Appointment

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FALL Fest 2017 on LifeTalk with Mariette - October 22, 2017 PM 7-8PM EST on WICC600AM

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