We All Have GREATNESS within us.......Develop and Cultivate it!       HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!           Happy New Year 2017 ARE you aware that KIDS have alot more STRESS than we appreciate! WELCOME to  LifeTalk! Milestones we come across - moments in our lives that define us.  MONDAY'S  8 - 9PM   Come JOIN us! Programs For Teens and Parents in 2017. Check Our Web For Various Locations in CT.         Happy NEW  YEAR 2017 KES, Inc. Offers Personalized Programs For Individual Students + Groups To Built+ Enhance Character Traits.

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KES Inc. mission and goal is to help clients discover their own oft hidden talents and misspend energies, rechanneling them into new blooming careers and endeavors. Client consultation finding direction, personal guidance and coaching to tap into their greatest possible potential and putting it to work, so they can achieve a new or greater level of success than they ever imagined.

We offer tailored and solid solutions to your individual and business needs. Personal Growth +Development Programs/ Workshops for Children and Students. Contact us today for a consultation 203-505-3660 A Word from the Founder and Director Mariette Kammerer: " If you don't have the courage to change, please don't hold your CHILDREN back . Support them in everything they want to explore to build a healthy Self and an archive of Experiences to be ready for living Life. I will be the Change Agent for our NEXT Generation, for our children and students."


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