Welcome! You have reached the home of LifeTalkWithMariette programs, a division of Kes, Inc., KMAR Educational Services, Inc.

Offering private and individualized services for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Adults, Students and Children.







LifeTalkWithMariette business programs are educational, motivational to enhance and/or  broaden communication, client development, marketing and customer service skills for the business industry.



LifeTalkWithMariette entrepreneurial programs focus on personal skill and talent development, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, development of entrepreneurial mindset. Our programs are designed to gain or enhance skills in business, marketing, management, research, problem solving, time management. These are essential skills to be successfull both professionally + personally – Real world skills in your area of interest.



LifeTalkWithMariette established radio program is a holistic, educational, powerful platform featuring the ‘circle of life learning’ with qualified, smart and passionate professionals in their field. Our broad audience in Connecticut, New York and Long Island, across the US and some worldwide, have enjoyed some of the finest professionals known worldwide on LifeTalk.  Special program ” GET In The Game” – Fail Your Way To Success!



LifeTalkWithMariette’s themed public events on location and radio are: “Conscious Living”, “What’s Happening Across Town + Connecticut” and “In The Spotlight”. – CHEERS!



PLEASE visit FACEBook LifeTalkMariette, Mariette Kammerer and Instagram: MarietteKammerer for all information on educational programs, radio schedule and upcoming EVENTS near by. Thank you.