“The Mind Dictates the Direction”

– Mariette Kammerer


You have reached the home of KES Educational Services, Inc., an organization with focus on Mind Body Spirit safety, awareness, expansion, achievements, personal growth education and development for Adults, Entrepreneurs, Students, Children, Communities and Business Cultures.

KES Educational Services

With vetted professionals KES Educational Services, Inc. has been working for two decades educating on life issues and trying to find solutions. Private and individualized services for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Adults, Students and Children. Workshops, retreats and now online content to help you see the forest through the trees and ” Improve Your Mind, Improve Your Life.”

Mental Safety

Mental safety awareness and training for private citizens, the workforce, town and government agencies, schools, universities.

Life Skills

Life Skills for Adults and Students –Job/Real Business Experience for Adults and Students.

Education & Skills

Purpose-driven education, skills and marketing direction for employees, entrepreneurs, and reinvention for new careers.

Permanent Public and Corporate Workshops

Presented by:
KMAR Educational Services, Inc. 2019/2020

LT. James Perez
Expert CPTED Practitioner

Mariette Kammerer, Director presenting in conjunction with Lt. Jim Perez, Fairfield Police, Fairfield, Ct.

Public Safety – Violence Prevention Training – De-escalation and Verbal Crime Prevention Training for Employees – Stress Management Tools

“Run Hide Fight” – A situational Awareness + Preparedness Active Shooter/ Threat Preparation workshop when time might not be on your side, how to save your own life and that of loved ones.
With these fast changing times we are forced to know how to mentally react to mass shootings and other danger situations.

Lt. Jim Perez

“Life Stress Tool Awareness Talk” –
Our imagination can get the best of us and without learning how to use our imagination, we can worry our self sick.

Mariette Kammerer

Registration and Information please call: Mariette @ 203-505-3660 to register for the following dates below:

Location: Ripka’s Beach Cafe, 99 Calf Pasture Beach Road, Norwalk, CT.

The following dates are available for Reservations, seating is limited:

Gallery of Kitchens 1027 Post Road East, Westport, CT. O6880
Date: Saturday, October 26th – 10am – 12noon
Date: Thursday, November 14th – 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Date: Saturday, November 23rd – 10am – 12noon

Cost: $195 pp – Students $85 pp per workshop

All payments are final and due with registration and are non-refundable

Brilliant People Around Me

Mariette Kammerer
Author / Life Coach / Radio Host

“I am Mariette Kammerer,  the creator of The Healing Mind Magazine, a ‘Life-Learning Classroom’ platform to connect with you all over the world, to share and receive knowledge, life experiences and personal growth. A gathering place to connect, reflect and take action. It is about our life, our experiences, our talent + skills….to be able to reach the next level in life.”

Lt. Jim Perez
LifeTalk Contributor and Run Fight Hide Mind Workshop Instructor/Producer. See Lt. Perez bio and more info http://www.RunHideFightMind.com

Wolf Leichsenring
Travel Journalist , Writer, LifeTalk Contributor

Sophia Malin
LifeTalk Contributor ”TEEN TALK”


Dr. Chris Gilbert, MD., Author

Norma Gianattasio
LifeTalk Contributor and Co-Host. Poem Writer – featured monthly in The Healing Mind – www.TheHealingMindMagazine.com

Probate Judge Kurt Ahlberg
LifeTalk Contributor

The BabyBoomer Generation/KES Program

Life Talk With Mariette

LifeTalkWithMariette established radio program is a holistic, educational, powerful platform featuring the ‘circle of life learning’ with qualified, smart and passionate professionals in their field. Our broad audience in Connecticut, New York and Long Island, across the US and some worldwide, have enjoyed some of the finest professionals known worldwide on LifeTalk.

  • 35 years Entrepreneur/Business Owner

  • Lifeskill Coach and Business Coach

  • Television Show Producer

  • Radio Producer and Host of LifeTalk with Mariette

  • Educational Program Creator/Producer/Implementor for Radio, Television, Workshops, Seminars, Consultant

  • Creator of digital magazine The Healing Mind -www.TheHealingMindMagazine.com