Meet Mariette


Founder and Director of KES Educational Services, Inc.

– Images below are credited to: Arthur Gerstein

 “It is not easy to be a pioneer–but oh, it is fascinating! I would not trade one moment, even the worst moment, for all riches in the world.” – Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell
When I gave birth to KES Educational Services, Inc. in 2004, I knew what the end result was going to be “helping other’s on their path to self-discovery and building on their accomplishments.” Having gone through a re-invention process myself, it was time to reach out to encourage others who are in need of clarity, direction and passion. The time is now – for everyone to take ACTION in their life, to learn new things, shelve some of the old things, and go into territories where one has never been before.

One never knows what qualities, skill sets, learning capacity and how multi-faceted one can be, until you actually try it out. Until you give yourself a chance to experience something you have never done before and implement your ideas.

I overcame severe adversity in my life. I remember back as a younger woman that when ‘adversity’ looked me in the eye, I would drop everything that was going on in my life and began something new. Adversity can be an everyday thing, depending on how one thinks and feels. At least, it was a daily thing for me.

I never finished anything, nor would I complete tasks that I set out to do. I never went to the finish line. I am sharing this with you to convey that I understand the ‘Roller-Coaster’ ride and how hard it is to get back on track – because adversity throws you off. Some of us can pick up the pieces quicker than others.

Things changed for me in 1990. Mom and Dad died within six month of each other, I got divorced. I was living in Europe and had very few friends. To experience death and divorce was extremely hard for me. I was totally on my own. But I had my work and it became my ‘anchor.’

I remember grieving for years and totally concentrated on my daily business, the goals I had set out to achieve. If I had not had such focus, I would have not been able to heal. I would not have had a purpose. We all need purpose in life.

I became an over-achiever. Things were going great in my life. I was making things happen. I was rewarded very handsomely financially and belonged to the ‘mover and shaker society’ – I still do, by the way.

Again, as things were going great in my life, I had a stroke in April, 1996 and had to learn to walk again. That was a total changing-point in my life. It really sent me on a different track and a new direction. I tried to restore my life. Because I worked so hard to get somewhere – finally – and then something else happened.

What did I learn from that? We only go a short distance in life and

 having the stroke made me realize that my financial background and work was not my mission. I had a new mission.

I learned empathy through my stroke, an understanding of others and why people are they way they are. It takes a great amount of mental, emotional and physical energy to make things happen. Not everyone has high energy, strength and endurance.

I was able to take my most important skills, the skills I had mastered, the skills that I loved and built KES Educational Services, Inc., working on projects in Client Development & Implementation for businesses.

My sales & marketing skills and industry knowledge, I was able to utilize and develop programs for my clients and KES Educational Services. The economy has changed so much since 2004; therefore, keeping up with constant changes was an additional challenge.

The message I have today is: A person can do just about anything they set out to do. There is no such thing as: ‘It does not work’. If you desire something badly enough, you can make it work, you just have to figure it out.

And, do not get intimidated by failures. They don’t feel good, but they give us a chance to make corrections.


Mariette has a proven track record of accomplishments as a leader, high performer, pioneer, awareness and action coach, and program designer.

Radio Host and TV Show Producer since 2005.

Mariette was born, raised and educated in Europe and speaks fluent German. Her educational background is in Business Management; she has international work experience. Financial Broker for 25 years. Director of KES Educational Services, Inc. since 2004.