“I am Mariette Kammerer,  the creator of The Healing Mind Magazine, a ‘Life-Learning Classroom’ platform to connect with you all over the world, to share and receive knowledge, life experiences and personal growth. A gathering place to connect, reflect and take action. It is about our life, our experiences, our talent + skills….to be able to reach the next level in life.”

Mariette Kammerer
Director – KES, Inc.

A passionate participant of the ‘cycle and circle’ of life experiences and challenges. Intuitive Life, Business + Reinvention Coach, Reiki Practitioner and avid “student” of Energy Psychology Techniques, freeing people of limiting self-beliefs. A teacher of personal growth and development, a visionary of skills and talents, an architect of mind, direction , travel and arrival.

  • Mental Strategist

  • Superior Building and Implementation Skills

  • Visionary

  • Creative

  • Motivational

  • Experienced

  • Accomplished

  • Smart

  • Speedy-Focused

  • Accurate

  • High Industry Knowledge

  • Highly Intuitive

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Problem Solver Mind

  • Problem Solver

  • Business + Personal Lifeskill Coach

  • Reinvention Specialist

  • Good Communicator

  • Mastered Client Development + Implementation for Service Industry

  • Life Experienced

Life Talk With Mariette

LifeTalkWithMariette established radio program is a holistic, educational, powerful platform featuring the ‘circle of life learning’ with qualified, smart and passionate professionals in their field. Our broad audience in Connecticut, New York and Long Island, across the US and some worldwide, have enjoyed some of the finest professionals known worldwide on LifeTalk.

  • 35 years Entrepreneur/Business Owner

  • Lifeskill Coach and Business Coach

  • Television Show Producer

  • Radio Producer and Host of LifeTalk with Mariette

  • Educational Program Creator/Producer/Implementor for Radio, Television, Workshops, Seminars, Consultant

  • Creator of digital magazine The Healing Mind -www.TheHealingMindMagazine.com